Our Product

Evolution of Kheyti’s Greenhouse

Our Process

We design, develop and implement climate smart greenhouses that help farmers to grow 7 times more food with 90% less water. We design farmer centric greenhouses, following the 4 steps rigorously.

Step 1: Empathize and Define

We do primary research and secondary research of three main points.
A) customer discovery    B) crop discovery    C) structure discovery

Step 2: Ideation

Brainstorming with Greenhouse experts, manufacturers, designers, and agronomists to come up with greenhouse ideas that solves major pain points of the farmers.

Step 3: Prototyping

We test the designs on software/simulations and install the fabricated prototypes in our R&D facility to understand the issues/problems.

Step 4: Testing

We invite prospective farmers to our R&D facility to get feedback on the prototypes and we choose the final design based on the farmers’ feedback. Then the design goes for pilot phase.


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